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The Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center, TÖMER, was established in 1984. By 2014, TÖMER has reached 11 branches all over Turkey and the central office in Ankara. Languages taught in TÖMER include Turkish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Modern Greek, Dutch, Bulgarian, Chinese, Ottoman language, Arabic, Polish and languages of the Central Asian Turkic Republics. This list of languages constantly changes.Ankara University Women Issues Research and Application Center (KASAUM) organizes research and educational programmes which are directed at scrutinizing and discussing women roles and problems in society as well as gender issues. In order to support and develop the research "Women research" master programme was opened in 1996.Ankara University Center of Research of Child's Culture (ÇOKAUM) was founded in 1994 by Prof.Dr. Bekir Onur. The center unites specialists from the spheres of psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, communication, health, etc. ÇOKAUM's objectives are to organize and hold researches in the field of child's culture; organize and participate in conferences and other academic events in Turkey and abroad; inform specialists and public about child's culture and results of researches in this area.

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