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University of Lagos fake diploma and transcript fake

The act provided for a provisional council for the university, a senate to preside over academic affairs, and a separate council for the College of Medicine. This was rather unusual for, by authority of the act, the University consisted of two separate institutions—the main university and an autonomous medical school. The link between the two institutions was tenuous at best, consisting of reciprocal representation on both councils and membership in the University Senate by professors in the medical school. The chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university who, in the name of the university, confers all degrees. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the day-to-day running of the university and accountable to the council. The council is responsible for the selection of all vice-chancellors, deputy vice-chancellors and deans of faculty. The responsibility for regulating all teaching, research and academic functions of the university falls on the senate, Unilag fake degree and academic transcript, faking Unilag diplomas, buying Unilag degree certificates fake, as set out in the University of Lagos Act and in the Statute of the University of Lagos. Additionally, the interests of the university's students are represented by the Students' Representative Council (SRC), where to buy Unilag diplomas, replica Unilag certificates online, which also selects representatives to the senate and council via the Dean of Student Affairs.

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