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Should I Pursue A Master Degree in Finance?

Getting a PhD is a marathon. For most people, it is not all smooth sailing, and may experience ups and downs. In order to get a good job (related to scientific research, but not engaged in scientific research), you should choose a prestigious school, which will make the starting salary higher than that of ordinary schools. As for how you will develop in the future, it depends on you; In terms of sorting, I tend to tutor > major > school. For example, in the biomedical industry I work in, everyone reads the school, but reads the article more, and the quality of the article mostly depends on your tutor. It is better if you can take care of the tutor and the school. If you can’t, choose a similar school. Double first-class as a standard is a good choice), better mentors may be more beneficial to continue to cultivate in a certain industry.

Engaged in Scientific Research

But scientific research is different. A Ph.D.’s cultivation process is to constantly approach the boundaries of human knowledge, and then find a point to break through—even if it is usually a little bit insignificant. However, even this insignificant little bit has already surpassed all the accumulated knowledge of human beings since ancient times, and cast a little light into the dark world unknown to human beings. You may have seen the following cartoon, right? Yes, for a doctor, the content of doctoral research is of course very different, some are very revolutionary, some are more step-by-step; the extent to which new knowledge can be produced also varies from person to person. But on the point of entering the unknown world, they are completely consistent.

Into Related Companies

If you’re right, you could have the experience of a lifetime that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge, the opportunity to work in one of the most unfettered professions in the world, and do what you love with other people’s money. If you make a wrong judgment, it may mean that you have to spend several years of youth in vain, do a lot of work that you don’t want to do, and lose a lot of life opportunities that belonged to you.

Civil Servant

Whether we admit it or not, most of the current society still evaluates success by “how much you earn”, so knowing the salary of the position you want to work after graduation may make many people change their minds. In summary, scientific research positions are single but stable; companies are turbulent but highly paid. Choose the state you like, do what you like, maybe it is the best choice.

You can expand your horizons

Bachelor-Master-Ph.D. is a step-by-step degree ladder. Of course, a master’s degree is “advanced” than a bachelor’s degree, and a doctorate is naturally “advanced” than a master’s degree. Then there will be another related misunderstanding: as the most “advanced” degree, taking a Ph.D. naturally means more opportunities and better treatment. Then, when the opportunity arises, getting an “advanced” degree becomes a natural pursuit.

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