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Getting ESSEC business school official transcript of grades

ESSEC Business School transcript
ESSEC Business School transcript,ESSEC official transcript

Forged ESSEC official transcript of grades. Where to purchase the ESSEC official transcript? In this context of the struggle of religious congregations against secular and republican values, ESSEC is a late Catholic response to the creation of HEC12. Their goal is to “train leaders for commercial and economic careers, which requires competent men, imbued with Christian and human values”. It was first located at the École Sainte Geneviève (created by Jesuits in 1854). ESSEC then has extensive material resources: small rooms suitable for working with reduced staff and even a chemistry laboratory. The first promotion has seven students and the studies last two years. In 1909, an optional third year was introduced.

France ESSEC business school official transcript with degree online

The course does not detonate by its originality by being structured around a set including law, accounting, languages and techniques. It is through the introduction of Christian moral values that ESSEC intends to stand out: students attend the apologetics conference every week in the chapel of École Sainte-Geneviève. Technical education (calligraphy, shorthand, writing commercial documents) is combined with scientific education (physics, chemistry, factory visits). It is possible to integrate the elementary section of the school by leaving first or by having a non-scientific baccalaureate, and to integrate the first year if one is holder of a scientific baccalaureate or by coming from the elementary section and having passed an exam.

The school barely survived the mobilizations of the war: in 1914, it only had four students in the first year and two in the second. It temporarily closed its doors and reopened in 1915. The optional third year was closed and the school did not regain financial stability until 1920, when it welcomed more than 50 first-year students and 150 in 193011. In 1923, the school he association of graduates is created: a solidarity fund for widows and orphans of the war is set up. In 1926, the first directory of graduates was published and in 1929, the first courses in business ethics were given.

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