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How to become a Canadian permanent resident?

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a great option. Canada is known for many world-class products, such as an excellent educational environment, universal health care, and a natural environment second to none in the world. The introduction of new immigrants has always been a stable national policy of the Canadian government, and now more than 20% of Canadian permanent residents were born outside Canada.

Submit Application

Your citizenship application is a package that contains all the documents so that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can process your application. Some applicants, such as single adults applying only for themselves, may submit online. Others must print and complete a paper application and mail the application.

Take a Test

After Canadian immigration has processed your application, you will be contacted to invite you to sit for a citizenship test or interview (or both), depending on your age and circumstances. For the civics test, there is nothing to worry about. You’ll be told everything on the exam and even get a free study guide. If you are between the ages of 18 and 54, you must take a test and then go to an interview where USCIS will confirm your eligibility, assess your language skills and ask relevant questions.

Make A Fake Canada PR Card Start your new life in Canada

Obtaining Canadian citizenship is a big deal, and now that you have it, you are free to pursue the same careers as your fellow Canadians. Your plans might include buying a home, sending your kids to college, or starting a business, or even getting involved in politics, rooting yourself more deeply in this land of equality, ownership, and inclusion—goals that are milestones in their own right.


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