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What Is the Difference Between Diploma with Degree in the UK?

Nowadays, as studying abroad is becoming more and more popular, and the UK has one of the best education systems in the world, with high academic qualifications and high recognition, many prestigious schools have attracted more and more students to choose to go to after graduation Study abroad in the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, etc.

Postgraduate Diploma

Diploma is common in the master’s degree. The full name is postgraduate diploma. It is a certificate obtained by failing a course or failing a thesis during the study abroad period. It is between a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. There is no corresponding academic degree in China. And according to relevant regulations, Diploma is only a higher education diploma, not a degree.

Official Degree

A Degree is an official degree certificate in the UK. Evidence that the student has academically passed the UK master’s examination and certification.

Under the British academic system, there are two directions for students to graduate level. One is the well-known academic direction, which is awarded to the Master degree, which proves the academic research level of the students; the other is the professional application-oriented postgraduate course, which is awarded to Postgraduate Diploma, which proves the practical application ability of students in a certain professional field.

British University Diploma and Degree

Diploma only means that you have completed the British master’s study course, but you have not passed the exam. Diploma is not certified in China, so if you do not get the degree, you may have spent a year studying for the master’s degree in vain.

Many people may not be clear, and want to know whether after graduation from a master’s degree in the UK, they will get a double (diploma certificate and degree certificate) like domestic graduate students. the

In China, it is possible that your postgraduate diploma is still recognized, but for a British master’s degree, you only have a degree certificate after graduation, but no graduation certificate. Failure to obtain a degree certificate means that your one-year life in the UK will be in vain.

The difference between Diploma and Degree certificates in UK

Diploma: It is a certificate that does not meet the requirements for a degree certificate, but is required to be issued upon reaching Diploma. Diploma only represents that you have completed the British master’s study course, but you have not passed the exam. Diploma cannot be certified in China.

Degree: The official British degree certificate, which refers to academically passing the British master’s examination and certification. Normal University Master graduates are awarded Degree at the end, unless your score is not enough.

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