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The value behind an American green card! Why is so popular among the richers?

The United States is recognized as a big country,”leading the pack” in both education and economy. For immigrant applicants, the United States is their dream, because it not only has the world’s best and most advanced education, but also world-class medical conditions and Benefits. It is for these reasons that the United States has always been the place that many immigrant applicants yearn for and choose.

Buying American Green Card online

The U.S. green card is the U.S. permanent residence permit, and it does not change the nationality, so there is no need to worry about losing your Chinese identity because you apply for the U.S. green card. With a green card, you can freely enter and exit the United States without the hassle of a visa.

For their Chilren Born

Children born in the United States are considered U.S. citizens. Obtain a U.S. passport, so that children can freely enter and exit the United States without restriction no matter how old they are. Citizens at the age of 18 can enjoy all the rights of U.S. citizens legally after taking the oath. At the age of 21, spouses, children, parents, etc. can apply for immigration. (The immigration of relatives has almost stagnated).

Good Educational Resources

Before going to college at the age of 18, all public primary and secondary schools in the United States implement compulsory education, that is, zero tuition fees, including kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. Going to university (including master’s and doctoral students) only pays tuition fees for locals, and the scope of scholarships they can enjoy far exceeds what a foreigner can apply for.

Positive Employment Environment

The government assists in employment, and the government has set up special agencies in various places to find jobs for its own people free of charge. Green card holders only need to register their skills, expertise and interests with this department, and the department will find jobs for the registrants free of charge. Green card holders are not restricted to work in the United States, including high-tech, biochemical, military and other research, production, security work and other jobs that are not open to the outside world. The labor value obtained is also much higher than that of ordinary foreigners. In addition, starting a business can enjoy many preferential policies, which cover many aspects such as company types, loans, taxes, and business projects.

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