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UChicago degree
UChicago degree

How to order the UChicago degree? Is it okay to make a UChicago master degree? Buy the USA UChicago degree in history.The predecessor of the University of Chicago was a missionary school established by the American Baptist Church. The school had the same name as the University of Chicago, but it closed down in 1886 due to financial problems.With the migration of population to the west and the development of industry, the middle of the United States, which is far away from the developed east coast, urgently needs a first-class university to adapt to the development. John Rockefeller, an American oil tycoon with vision and goodwill, hoped that there would be a university on par with Harvard and Yale. University. In 1890, Rockefeller began to rebuild the University of Chicago on the basis of the previously closed church school.

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With an open spirit, the University of Chicago embraced the two university concepts of Germany’s William von Humboldt and England’s John Henry Newman, and constructed a unique and outstanding organization, research and teaching philosophy. American and world-class universities. The educational concept of the University of Chicago emphasizes the spirit of “macro and experiment”, and pays attention to the teaching methods of pure theory and master classic study and research, which has established its unique and important position in the history of American education. In teaching, great attention is paid to cultivating students’ independent thinking spirit and critical thinking, encouraging challenges to authority, and encouraging different ways of thinking and viewpoints, and has cultivated many Nobel Prize winners.

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