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L’académie de Versailles certificat faux,get a Versailles Academy certificate

Versailles Academy certificate
Versailles Academy certificate,L’académie de Versailles certificat

où acheter L‘académie de Versailles certificat? Faux L’académie de Versailles certificat.Il s’agit de la plus grosse académie de France en terms d’effectif scolarisé avec près de 1 100 000 élèves (public et privé confondus), on dénombre près de 87 300 personnels1 (ensesignants du public, du privé et autre personnel d’ éducation et administratif). Elle fait partie de l’académie Ile-de-France2 dirigée par le recteur de l’académie de Paris. When the Academy of Versailles was created, the general administration left Paris and moved alongside the Inspection Académique in Versailles to the current site of the University of Versailles. At the start of the 1984 school year, the services of the École Normale Primaire were also grouped together on the site. The rectorate’s training teams replace it on boulevard de Lesseps. The other departments of the rectorate move into Esplanade Grand-Siècle, a modern building not far away. In June 1997, most of the services were grouped together on the Boulevard de Lesseps site, although it also had branches on three other sites (rue Lescot, rue de la Ceinture and in Guyancourt).

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The results of the Versailles Academy exams are substantially similar to the national results. In 2014, the success rate for the general baccalaureate was 91% nationally, while in the Versailles Academy this rate was 90.4%. The academy brings together nearly 627 public secondary schools, and 178 private secondary schools under contract. Like all academies, it is headed by a rector, chancellor of universities, a senior civil servant appointed by the Council of Ministers by the President of the Republic on the report of the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Education. The Versailles Academy is part of zone C of the school calendar.

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